Will My Instagram Account Get Deleted If I Buy Followers?

There are many ways to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account. One of the most common ways people do this is by buying followers and increasing the number of followers on Instagram.

You will find many Instagram accounts with fake followers to inflate their Instagram followers artificially. Many bots, companies, or people create and sell fake followers to make your account look more popular, even if no one has heard of it.

But Instagram has become advanced and improved its algorithm to create fake accounts. What does that mean for people that have based their accounts on bought, artificial followers?

Read on to find out if your Instagram account will get deleted for buying followers. This guide tells you everything you need to know about what happens to your account if you add paid Instagram followers.

Do you lose followers that you buy?

In short, yes, while Instagram will not ban your account for buying followers or fake likes on your account to boost your numbers, you will lose your followers. The growth in activity on your account makes the platform investigate the number of followers you have and realize that you are using fake profiles.

Using fake followers is a financial disaster since they don’t tell you that Instagram sorts out bogus profiles and removes them. Although you may not pay much money to gain followers on Instagram, it’s a bad investment if the service uses fake followers to boost your numbers.

Instagram takes strict action against accounts that use fake followers. If most of your Instagram followers are based on fake accounts, Instagram flags your account. When your account gets flagged, Instagram will remove any profiles on your account that it suspects might be fake. Not only that, but Instagram will also limit the exposure of your account, and your chances of appearing in people’s newsfeeds lessen.

Hence, it’s best to avoid fake sites selling fake followers.

How to Tell if an Account is fake?

If you have bought services from someone to purchase followers only, you need to ensure they are doing it right or not. To check if the service has added fake Instagram followers, here are some things to do.

They bring no interaction:

When you buy fake followers, the only thing that goes up is the total number of followers on your account. However, these accounts will not interact with your content at all. For instance, your profile might have about a thousand followers, but the number of likes on your account is beneath a hundred.

Look for the signs:

A fake account made on Instagram is visibly fake and does not require a genius to figure it out. If a profile on Instagram is affected, it will usually have no profile picture. Their followers will only include two or three random profiles that likely share the same traits. These accounts will have random posts from God knows when and will not usually include a bio!

If a profile exhibits the above features, it’s in your best interests to remove that profile from your account. If the number of followers like those on your account is vast, Instagram will realize that you have paid for followers, and you will suffer penalization from the platform.

What is the safest way to buy Instagram followers?

At this point, we have established that you should not use any service that boosts your numbers artificially. These likes will not be genuine, and albeit cheap, the money you wasted to acquire these services will go to waste.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for paid Instagram followers to ensure account growth, look for a reliable SMM panel for Instagram. There are many SMM panels on the internet claiming to give desirable results. But the truth about them isn’t pretty, and they just try to scam you for your money.

What to Do?

Go for a high-quality SMM panel. SMM panels of the highest quality often use organic clients. Even if they use fake profiles, they are solid and can withstand any background check triggered by Instagram. Instagram will run background checks on accounts it suspects to be manufactured.

Premium SMM panels know how to get it done and ask their followers to post some activity every week. Additionally, you will also need to do a better job at managing the page overall. Your account will need to show increased activity and implementation of techniques to grow more followers.

Be consistent with posting, and ensure your bought followers regularly interact with your account. Doing so is the easiest way to be seen as suspicious by the social network. Implementing these techniques is the only way to make an SMM panel work, lest they use organic profiles.

Lastly, check reviews and perform due diligence before signing an SMM panel service. Many SMM panel services will show you sweet dreams and a fabricated reality to convince you to buy followers on Instagram. However, you must only consider an SMM panel with credible reviews and a reasonable price tag.

For a service to be expensive does not mean that it is authentic or will perform according to your needs. But authentic services know what they offer, and quality does not come cheap so they will ask for charges for their services accordingly.

Final Words

To conclude, buying followers on Instagram will not get you banned from Instagram. However, Instagram has made it no secret that it will hold a grudge against your account for using fake followers.

If you want to see exponential growth on your Instagram account and want to become famous on the platform, don’t consider fake followers at all. You should create high-quality content and use different strategies to get your content to trend. Doing so is a great way to get your numbers up without requiring you to use a shady service to boost your followers.

Nevertheless, you can always consider buying followers from an SMM panel. Ensure to research well about the authenticity of the service before using it. Buying followers is a dangerous venture since if you buy followers from a low-ranked company, Instagram will hold you and penalize you.

Be smart, pay the premium, or don’t pay at all!