Clear Instagram Cache: Step by Step

Are you facing issues like long loading times on feeds or stories, Instagram crashing, or problems fetching the updates?

Instagram is prone to such issues, and the app's Cache is the culprit. Clearing the Cache will optimize the application and free up storage on your phone. Free storage is always good for your phone, but it becomes a plus point if you have a 64 GB phone or your phone is nearing full storage capacity.

So, how can you clear your Instagram cache? Here is a step-by-step guide for you to clear your Instagram cache. Let's get going!

Is it possible to clear the cache on Instagram?

Clearing cache on Instagram is possible and necessary to enjoy seamless surfing. Clearing your Instagram cache will ensure that connected services to your account work fluently, like an SMM panel.

When you clear the cache, the data downloaded by Instagram is removed automatically. The data by Instagram classifies as the pictures and videos you may have seen while scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Clearing the Instagram cache will remove all the above data from your phone memory until you reaccess those posts. However, data such as your messages, saved photos, and videos will remain perfectly safe.

Your Messages and saved data are not deleted since they are stored on Instagram.

How to clear cache on Instagram?

Clearing cache on Instagram is a different process on every device. Clearing cache on every device may look different.

You will find the steps to clearing the Instagram cache on some of the common platforms here:

1. Clearing Cache on iOS Devices:

Clearing cache on iOS differs too. For instance, there is only one way to clear the cache on an iPad or an iPhone. To remove the cache, you will need to remove the app since iOS systems store any data wanted by the app itself.

Removing the app from an iPhone is as simple as holding down the icons, hitting the cross, and acknowledging the prompt.

However, there is another way to clear Instagram cache:

  1. Navigate to phone settings on your apple device.
  2. Once in settings, press the "General" setting. Finding the "General" setting option shouldn't be a hurdle since it's only a single scroll down when in stages.
  3. In the general section, tap the storage option.
  4. Now, tap on the "Clear Cache" option to clear the Instagram cache. Clearing the Cache will also remove all the locally stored data on your Instagram account. However, if you tap on the "Clear Data" option, you will be logged out of the history, and the app will be reset to its default preferences.

Typically, Apple devices have an optimized operating system to take care of such things automatically.

However, clearing the Instagram cache is worth a shot if the app experience is glitchy and your device is slow. It may take some time for the Instagram app to collect all the Cache and affect your device's performance.

2. Clearing Instagram Cache on an Android Device:

It's a common belief that Apple devices are much less complex than Android devices. However, as far as clearing the cache is concerned, the process is significantly more accessible and convenient on Android!

Clearing cache on an Android phone does not require you to uninstall or log out of your account. Here are the steps to removing the cache on an Android device:

1. Navigate to the Settings option on your phone.

2. Once in settings, search for the "Apps" section in settings.

3. Once in the Apps section, locate the Instagram app and tap it open.

4. You will see a detailed page with information about the app and your device. You will also have two options: "Clear Cache" and "Clear Data."

5. Tap on the "Clear Cache" option to clear the Instagram cache. Clearing the cache will also remove all the locally stored data on your Instagram account. 

However, if you tap on the "Clear Data" option, you will be logged out of the history, and the app will be reset to its default preferences.

Once you have tapped the option and the cache gets cleared, you will see that the "Clear Cache" option will grey out, and the size count showing how much storage the cache was occupied will turn to zero bytes. Bytes are the most diminutive form in which a computer stores data, so 0 bytes means nothing.

After the entire process, your Instagram cache should clear and start functioning normally.

3. Clearing Caches on a Computer:

Regardless of what OS-based system you use, the Instagram cache gets stored in the browser, which is typically the application you use to access the internet.

Clearing the cache on Instagram on either OS-based system is straightforward. Here is your step-by-step guide:

  1. Open the Instagram website and Log in.
  2. Click on your account settings and navigate to Privacy and security settings.
  3. After that, open the “Location” in the “View Account Data” section.
  4. In the Account Data section, you will find the search history. Under search history, press the View all option.
  5. Click on the “Clear Search History” option to remove all Instagram cache. The website will show a prompt to confirm clearing the history. Tap yes, and you’re done.

Final Words

According to Statista, Instagram is the leading social media app worldwide, with 547 million downloads. Whether it be fashion, cooking, baking, or just memes, Instagram has it all and is a complete social media platform to be caught up on daily news and all social norms.

It’s understandable how frustrating it becomes when the app you use for taking a break becomes laggy and is a nightmare for you to use. Sometimes, the solution may be simple, but not in front of us. Clearing the cache is the perfect way of bringing things to standard so you can enjoy optimal performance and the app.

If Instagram is lagging on your device, try the steps mentioned in this article to clear the cache and take a shot at bringing things back to normal.